Single-Strand Necklace and Earrings with Marcasite Beads and Swarovski Crystal Beads

String a crystal on some wire and make a wrapped loop above it as explained below. Repeat for 7 crystals (2 for the earrings and 5 for the necklace).
  1. Cut a 2-3 inch piece of wire and bend it at a 120 degree angle about 1/4 inch from one end. Allow enough room for the top of the crystal and bend the wire again at about a 60 degree angle, forming 2 sides of a triangle. Thread on the crystal and bend the wire again at another 60 degree angle.
  2. Where the wire meets the first bend, bend it again so it goes straight up parallel to the 1/4 inch stem. Form a loop that starts a little below the top of the 1/4 inch stem. The tail will cross over the two vertical wires.
  3. Grasp the loop and the end of the stem with round-nose pliers and wrap the tail around the two vertical wires until it meets the first bend. (To keep the wraps tight and close together, it helps to use chain-nose pliers to pull the wrapping wire around the straight wire.) Then clip off the excess wrapping wire and any of the starting stem that shows inside the loop. Be careful not to cut the loop.
Assemble the earrings as follows: Open the loop below the earstud and attach a rectangular link. Attach a second rectangular link to the first with an oval jumpring. Attach the loop above a crystal to the bottom link with another oval jumpring.
Assemble the necklace dangle like an earring, but hang the top link from an oval jumpring.
Make the front side of the necklace as follows: Start with an oval jumpring, a link, and an oval jumpring. From this jumpring, hang a crystal dangle and a link. Then attach another oval jumpring and hang a crystal dangle and a link from it. End with an oval jumpring. Repeat for the other front side.
Connect the bottom jumprings of the front sides and the top jumpring of the dangle with a round jumpring.
Hold the necklace front up and decide how long you want it to be from the center back to the front sides (any length from 6-10 inch is attractive, depending on how low you want the dangle to fall). Cut 2 pieces of chain the length you decide and attach one end of each piece to the jumpring at the top of a side. Attach the clasp parts to the chain ends with another oval jumpring on each side.

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