Multi-Strand Necklace with Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet and Amethyst Gemstone Beads and Jeweled Sterling Silver Clasp

This necklace is strung on bonded nylon cord and attached to the clasp loops with small pieces of French wire. Begin each strand as described in Step 1 and end as described in Step 4. Keep the clasp fastened as you string to make sure that you attach each strand to matching loops on the clasp. The stunning gemstone clasp makes for a very versatile necklace; you can wear it in front as the centerpiece, on the side, or in back. The first 2 steps and Step 4 explain how to use the French wire, with Silkon® thread and a multi-strand clasp. Step 3 shows the stringing pattern.
Cut a length of nylon cord 6 inches longer than the desired finished length of the jewelry and thread a twisted wire needle on the end. Cut a 3/4 inch piece of French wire and thread it on the cord. String through a loop on one side of the clasp and center the French wire in the clasp loop. Thread needle through the first bead and tie the cord together with a square knot right against the bead, tightening the French wire into a small loop that encloses the clasp loop. Dot the knot with G-S Hypo Tube Cement and let it dry (about 10 minutes).
String the needle through all but the last bead on the strand. Make sure the cords are pulled evenly through the beads. Start each strand with 8 rainbow moonstone beads. String either a faceted amethyst or a garnet. For the rest of the strand, alternate 7 moonstones with one faceted stone, stringing 2 garnets then 1 amethyst.
The strands of this necklace are about 21 inches each, but feel free to make them shorter if you prefer.
String the last bead on the needle. Then string a 3/4 inch piece of French wire on that needle. Thread it through the matching clasp loop on the other side of the clasp and take it back through the last bead or two. Tighten the cord to draw up the French wire loop and tie the cord together below the bead with a square knot. Glue the knot, then pass the needle back through a bead or two. Cut off the excess cord when the glue is dry. Repeat Steps 1 - 4 for each strand of the necklace. You may twist the strands when the clasp is open before putting on the necklace if you desire.

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