Earrings with 14KtW White Gold Ear Thread and Carnelian Gemstone Beans

Have you discovered the joy of ear threads? Ear thread chains look great, are comfortable to wear and are more secure than fishhook styles. Simply dangle a dazzling faceted gemstone teardrop from the loop on the end and revel in the compliments.

String a gemstone teardrop onto a headpin and make a half loop.
Attach the headpin to the ear thread loop and secure with a wrapped loop. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for the second earring. If using a gemstone briolette bead instead of a teardrop, substitute the headpin for an eyepin and make your wrapped loop at the top of the briolette.
Pull the ear threads through your pierced ears and adjust to your desired length. Slide an earwire safety sleeve onto the back of each thread and rest against the back of your lobes to keep threads from sliding.

Congratulations! You're up there with the stars in the height of Hollywood fashion.

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