Single-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Drop and Focal and Macramé Cord

Using the side-cutting pliers, cut a 3-1/2 inch length of twisted square 20-gauge gold-filled half hard wire. Blunt cut the ends of the wire by cutting off any pointed/sharp ends with the flat face of the side-cutting pliers facing the wire.

Cut a 6-inch length of twisted square 16-gauge gold-filled half hard wire. Blunt cut both ends.

Creating the Crystal Pendant

Grip the end of the 6-inch length of 16-gauge wire with the round-nose pliers. Rotate your wrist away from you to form a small loop. Rotate the wire around again, creating a second loop which is stacked on top of the first loop.

Slide the 50mm de-art Swarovski crystal focal component onto the wire leaving about 1/2 inch of wire showing below the loops. Bend the wire so the loops rest on top of the crystal. The section of wire between the hole and the stacked loops will be the back side of the pendant.

Guide the wire down from the hole in a curve around the front side of the crystal then around to the back. Curve the wire toward the front again. Once you are pleased with the shape of the wire, form a loop at the end for a decorative finish. If necessary, trim excess wire.
Repeat Step 2 using the 3-1/2 inch length of 20-gauge wire and the 24mm de-art Swarovski crystal focal component.
Using the scissors, cut the string attached to the center of the macramé cord to 1-inch in length. Pass the cord through the double loop on top of the 50mm de-art crystal and tie a knot. Place a small amount of adhesive on the knot to secure.
Using the excess length of cord cut in Step 4, attach the loops on the 24mm de-art crystal to the last link on the clasp end of the macramé cord. Cut any excess cord and place a small amount of glue on the knot.

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