Single-Strand Necklace with Glass Focal, Copper Beads and Suede Lace Leather Cord

Using the scissors, cut a 19-inch length of black suede cord. Trim each end at an angle to aid in stringing the beads onto the cord.

Creating the Pendant

Using side-cutting pliers, cut a 4-inch length of Zebra Wire™. Thread on the glass teardrop. Create a briolette wrapped loop to secure the glass teardrop focal component.
String the cord through the wrapped loop, from Step 2, above the pendant and center on the cord.
String the following onto the cord: two beaded rondelles, one hexagon bead and two more beaded rondelles. Space this grouping of beads 1-inch up the cord from the wrapped-loop glass teardrop. Repeat the above pattern twice at 1-inch intervals, working up the cord, for a total of three sets.
Repeat Step 4 on the other side of the wrapped-loop glass teardrop.

Attaching the Clasp

Using two pairs of chain-nose pliers, open a 5mm jumpring and pass it through the loop on the toggle-ring half of the clasp and a 6mm jumpring. Repeat, attaching jumprings to the toggle-bar half of the clasp.
Using the scissors, trim off the angled piece from Step 1 so the end is straight. String one end of the cord through the 6mm jumpring, leaving approximately a 1/2-inch tail.
Using side-cutting pliers, cut a 1-1/2 inch length of Zebra Wire™.
Fold the 1/2-inch tail over so it is resting on the longer length of cord. Place one end of the wire between the folded cord. Using the chain-nose pliers, guide the wire, wrapping it tightly against the two pieces of cord, securing the clasp. Continue to wrap the cord for four or five neat wraps.

Repeat Steps 7 and 8 to attach the second side of the clasp to the cord.

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