Bracelet with Kumihimo Satinique™ Satin Cord and Miyuki Seed Beads

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Kumihimo is the traditional Japanese technique of braiding strands of silk to create intricately colored cords. Samurai once used kumihimo as laces for their armor. At first, the process was done entirely by hand and the earliest kumihimo were generally monochromatic and limited in color. Later, weavers developed tools that could accomplish more with complicated patterns. Kumihimo braids can take a lot of wear and tear, making them a smart choice for bracelets, purse straps, belts or ...
Cut two 1-yard lengths of red and two 1-yard lengths of royal blue Satinique 1.5mm cord and one 1-1/2 yard length of Silkon® thread.
Match up the ends of the four lengths of cord and fold them in half. Match up the center of the thread with the folded center of the cords then tie an overhand knot.

Cut two approximately 4-inch lengths of thread. Use one length of thread to create a whipping knot close to the folded center of the cord.
String Miyuki seed beads onto one end of nylon thread then place a Bead Stopper™ on the end of the thread to secure the seed beads. Repeat using the second thread strand.

Note: The seed beads will be spread throughout the design; string as many or as few as desired.

Tip: Another option is to wind each beaded thread onto a Huggy Spool® bobbin to help avoid tangling.
Insert the knotted end into the center of the kumihimo disc then insert the eight strands of cord into the slots according to the basic spiral kumihimo braid instructions. Insert one thread strand into one slot with royal blue cord on opposite sides of the disc.
Weave the cord in a basic 8-cord pattern, moving one bead down the thread as the thread and royal blue strand in the same slots together around the kumihimo disc.

Continue the braid pattern to approximately 6-inches.

Tip: Attaching a kumihimo weight is helpful in drawing the braided cord down through the center of the disk.

Note: It may be necessary to add more seed beads as the braid progresses to get the desired look.
Carefully remove each loose strand from the kumihimo disc. Use the remaining length thread to create a whipping knot securing the ends in place. Trim excess from the strands and thread.

Apply a small amount of adhesive to the knot on one end of the braid then insert it into one cord end. Repeat to attach a cord end to the opposite end of the braid. Allow to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
Pass one 7mm jumpring through a second jumpring then close. Continue to connect a total of nine 7mm jumprings creating an extender chain. Use one 6mm jumpring to connect the first 7mm jumpring on the extender chain to the loop on one cord end.

Repeat to attach the lobster claw clasp to the opposite end of the braid.

Note: Add additional 7mm jumprings depending on the desired length of the extender chain.

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