Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Lampworked Glass Beads, Czech Pressed Glass Beads and Czech Glass Druk Beads

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This week's treat makes any occasion sweeter and works well as a gift or addition to holiday jewelry lines. Customers will love the clever candy creations made from lampworked glass bumpy round and tube beads, and Czech pressed glass flower beads. This 18-inch necklace pairs well with any neckline and is flattering to all. Wear the necklace and dangle earrings together for a coordinated look or separately for ...


Cut one 20-inch length of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire.
String onto the length of beading wire: one crimp and one Accu-Guard™ wire protector. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp. Pull the beading wire so the crimp rests snug against the Accu-Guard leaving approximately 1/4 inch of beading wire on the end. Crimp then trim the excess from the short end of the beading wire. Finish with a crimp cover.
String onto the beading wire:
  • 16 sets of:
    • Three opaque black 4mm rounds
    • One clear AB 8.5x6.5mm flower (large end first)
    • One lampworked glass bumpy round or bumpy tube in the color of your choice
    • One clear AB 8.5x6.5mm flower (small end first)
  • Three opaque black 4mm rounds
Repeat Step 2 to secure the strand.
Pass one 4mm jumpring through one half of the toggle clasp and the Accu-Guard on one end of the strand then close. Repeat to attach a second jumpring, creating double jumprings.

Repeat to attach the second half of the clasp to the opposite end of the strand.


String onto a 1-1/2 inch headpin: one clear AB 8.5x6.5mm flower (large end first), one 8x7mm-22x12mm bumpy round and one clear AB 8.5x6.5mm flower (small end first) then form a simple loop.

Repeat to create a second drop.

Attach one earwire to each drop.

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