Triple-Strand Necklace with Antiqued Silver-Plated Beads and Drops, Coral Beads and Woven Cotton Cord

Using a pair of scissors, cut three 18-inch lengths of cotton cord.
Holding all three cords together, place a dab of G-S Hypo cement onto the ends. Place a cord end over the ends so all three are inside the cord end. Set this assembly aside carefully and allow to dry.
Using a thread burner, cut an 8-inch length of FireLine. Place a needle onto one end of the FireLine.

Thread five coral beads onto the FireLine. Pass the needle and thread back through the beads to strengthen the loop and form a ring. Tie the ends together using a surgeon's knot. Add a drop of G-S Hypo cement to the knot.

Use a thread burner to trim the ends of the thread once the cement has dried.
Repeat Step 3 to create a second ring.
Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers, open a jumpring. Pass the open ring through the loop on a turtle pendant and a filigree tube with loop. Close the jumpring.
String onto the open end of the tri-cord necklace, one of the coral rings, the filigree tube and the second coral ring.
Repeat Step 2 to attach the second cord end. Allow the cement to dry fully before moving to Step 8.
Open one jumpring and pass the open ring through the loop on a cord end and the loop on one half of the clasp. Close the ring. Repeat to attach the second half of the clasp to the other cord end. Center the pendant and coral rings.

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