Double-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal

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Slide one Bead article 5727 from the Swarovski crystal assortment onto a headpin and bend a loop as shown in illustration. Repeat step with other Swarovski Beads: 5328 fern green, 5139 light topaz and 5523 olivine.

Slide Swarovski Starfish pendant article 6721 onto headpin and bend the headpin up as you see in first magnifier in illustration. Then create a loop as shown in illustration.

Open a 5mm jumpring, insert a second 5mm jumpring and close jumpring with flat-nose pliers. Repeat step until you have a chain with 19 jumprings.

Open three 7mm jumprings and insert the following Swarovski crystal: 4437 14mm, 6790 30mm and 6690 23mm. Then open three 5mm jumprings and insert the crystals with headpins from Step 1 and 2: 6721 20mm, 5328 8mm and 5523 12mm.

Hang these Swarovski crystal with jumprings onto chain as depicted in illustration and close jumprings with flat-nose pliers.

Open the loops on the Swarovski fish bead and ring bead on headpins and insert these also in chain as you see in illustration. Then close loops.

Put the Swarovski fancy stone article 4127 into setting. Press the prongs down softly with back side of tweezers to hold crystal in place.

Cut 1.2m of 0.46mm tiger tail and slide on 57 Swarovski beads article 5000 8mm. Go through holes of setting and slide on 6 Swarovski beads article 5000 4mm, go through the other 2 holes of setting and slide on 57 more Swarovski beads article 5000 8mm as shown in illustration.

Slide a crimp tube onto one tiger tail end, cross tiger tail ends in crimp tube, go back with each tail end through last 3 Swarovski beads article 5000 4mm, crimp the crimp tube correctly as shown in illustration and cut off tiger tail pieces with flush-cutter.

Turn setting around, insert 2nd piece of tiger tail from back side of setting through holes, slide on Swarovski beads article 5000 4mm (please refer to illustration), go through other holes of setting and slide on 3 Swarovski beads article 5328 4mm as you see in illustration. Repeat Step 9 for sliding on and crimping the crimp tube.

Open the 12mm jumpring with flat-nose pliers, hang the Swarovski fancy stone article 4437 20mm and close jumpring around a 5mm jumpring and around loop under setting as you see in illustration.

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