Treasure Box with Swarovski Crystal

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Cut the fabric into strips with the following measurements:
  1. blue fabric 70x4.5cm--2 pieces
  2. auburn fabric 70x4.5cm--2 pieces
  3. sand fabric 70x4.5cm--3 pieces

Fold the strips first inwards from both ends and iron as shown in the illustration. Fold once more and stitch with a sewing machine 1mm from the edge as shown. Repeat for all fabric strips.

Thread a needle with 1m of 0.15mm nylon thread. Fold the blue ribbon in half. Lay the sand ribbon at the center of and on top of the blue folded ribbon as shown. Sew the end of the sand ribbon to the blue so that the stitching is on top of the stitches from the sewing machine. Fold the ribbon about 1mm from the edge on top of itself and stitch together as shown. Continue to fold the auburn strip in the same way, attaching it to the sand and blue ribbons (see illustrations).

Attach Swarovski fancy stone article 4127 30x22mm to the Swarovski setting article 4127/SH2O and attach it to the ribbon pleat that is shown in the illustration. Stitch it 4 times to the ribbon through the holes in the setting. Keep folding the ribbon and making pleats and attach the second Swarovski fancy stone article 4327 40x27m along with Swarovski setting article 4327/SH2O. Attach all fancy stones similarly.

Cut 1m of 0.25mm nylon thread, tape one end so crystal pearls do not slip off and slide on 29 Swarovski crystal pearls article 5840 crystal vintage gold. Cut 1 of 0.15mm nylon and thread onto a needle. Attach and sew the pearl strand onto the ribbons as shown in the illustration starting at the point marked with the black arrows. Remove the tape from the other end of pearl strand and attach it to the other end of the ribbons with 4 back stitches. Use pins to hold pearl strand in place while sewing it to the ribbons and continue to sew in between each crystal pearl.

Sew on the following Swarovski crystal on to the ribbon structure:
  • Swarovski bead art. 5556 crystal red magma x1
  • Swarovski bead art. 5328 4mm crystal bronze x18
  • Swarovski bead art. 5000 4mm topaz blend x16
  • Swarovski bead art. 5000 8mm garnet x2
  • Swarovski bead art. 5000 10mm mocca x1
  • Swarovski pendant art. 6128 10mm crystal copper x4

Using a cutter, cut out a 12x6x1.5cm rectangle from inside of a book.

Cut the Swarovski crystal-it art. 75000 crystal and apply it as shown in the illustrations with this step.

Apply double sided tape behind the ribbon piece and apply it on the cover of the book.

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