Card with Swarovski Crystal and Faux Fur

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Cut the fur to measure 5x5cm.

Cut out the pattern in this illustration or construct one for yourself with the measurements shown in the illustration. Apply double-sided tape exactly in the middle and on the back side of this pattern.

Stick the pattern on to the middle of the card, (the size of the card should be 15.5x15.5cm.) and pierce through the pattern on the marked points using a needle. Once you have pierced through every marked point on the pattern you can remove the pattern.

Cut 1.5m sewing silk and thread onto the beading needle so that the thread length is equal on both sides. Stitch from the top side on to the back of the card and tie the leftover thread on the top side of the card to a double knot and stick it with a tape as depicted in the illustrations.

Come out with the thread and needle at the point shown in the illustration in this step and insert the first Swarovski bead art. 5000 4mm crystal moonlight onto it. Stitch through the entire length of the star inserting one bead art. 5000 4mm crystal moonlight with each stitch and come out at the centre of the card as illustrated.

Pierce through the fur piece and insert one Swarovski pendant art. 6714 28mm crystal AB on to the thread, pierce back through the same point and secure it as shown in the illustrations in this step.

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