Ring with Turquoise Gemstone Chips and Apoxie® Sculpt

Mix equal amounts of white Apoxie® Sculpt for two minutes, or until thoroughly blended.
Tip: When mixing is complete, the color will be uniform throughout.
Press a small amount of your prepared Apoxie into the channel of the finding or ring. Remove any excess and make sure the surface of the channel is level. Press a non-stick work surface onto the epoxy to smooth it out and remove any imperfections or finger prints.
Press approximately 30 mini turquoise chips into the Apoxie in desired design on the ring.
Tip: Larger chips should be pushed further in to assure adherence.
Once all the turquoise chips are in place, make sure you are content with the placements. Make any necessary adjustments while Apoxie remains soft.
Set the ring aside for about 5 - 10 hours to fully cure.

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