Multi-Strand Necklace with Copper Sheet, Jeweler's Bronze Sheet and Metal Chain

Metal sheets can be cut using metal shears, a jeweler's saw, disc cutter or with metal punches. The cut-out shapes can be dapped, filed, textured and polished. Use cold connections or soldering techniques to layer the sheets into the design of your choice. This angel design uses copper and bronze sheets and the layers are cold connected using brads.

Sketch an angel design onto a piece of paper. Draw a border around the perimeter of the design. Copy the design 3 to 4 times.

Cut out one drawing following the outline of the border, which will be the pattern to use when cutting out the metal sheet. Using another copy cut out the outline of the angel. Repeat to cut out patterns for the dress and the hair and wings. If you have additional layers in your sketch, cut them out from one of the remaining copies.
Apply a light coating of glue to the back of the patterns. Apply the patterns to the metal sheets, choosing an alternate metal sheet for each layer. Using a jeweler's saw or metal shears, cut the metal sheets following the patterns.

Note: The protective film on the metal sheets is left in place to protect the finish while the pieces are readied for assembly.

Optional: To cut out any open areas in your design, like the space between the angel's arm and the horn in the design shown, use a hole punch to cut out a small hole from within the area being cut away. Undo the saw blade, thread the saw blade through the hole, retighten the blade in the frame then saw out the section in the pattern to create the opening.
Using jeweler's files, file the edges of the cut-outs as well as the edges within the openings.
Emboss the dress using the Epic™ embossing tool and embossing folder of your choice. Using the oval hole punch, punch a detail along the edge of the dress, creating holes that will show the color of the metal below once the angel is assembled.
Using the wire-wrapping pliers center the copper-plated diamond link onto the larger barrel of the pliers. Squeeze the plier handles to secure the link in place then bend the corners down and around the barrel to form a bail.
Assemble all of the layers of the angel to get an idea of where you will want to place brads to connect the layers together. Using a fine-tipped marker draw marks on the top layers where the brads will be placed (in the angel design shown, the top layers are the bronze dress, hair and wings, the copper horn, and the top of the first bronze layer where the bail will be placed).
Using the circular hole punch, punch holes where you placed marks on the metal.

Reassemble the pieces and then, using the marker and the holes already punched as your guide, draw marks on the next layer below where the holes will need to be punched. It is important that the holes line up well for riveting.

Repeat punching holes at the marks in all the layers, making sure the holes all line up properly.

If needed, use the files to remove any burs the hole punch left behind.

Peel off the protective coating on the metal sheets.
Assemble the layers and place a brad through one hole, passing through all layers. Turn the assembly upside down. Trim the brad to about 2mm above the last layer. Using the ball peen hammer, tap the end of the brad, so the metal spreads out, covering the hole and securing the layers together.

Repeat to rivet a brad in every opening.
Use the polishing pads, from lowest to highest grit, to polish the pendant.


Using a paintbrush, apply a bit of silver Gilders Paste® to the wings. Allow the Gilders Paste to set up for at least an hour. Using another paintbrush, apply Mona Lisa Metal Leaf top coat sealant to the Gilders Paste.

Use mineral spirits to clean up any places on the angel where you may have placed Gilders Paste but didn't mean to, and to clean the brushes.
To complete the design as shown, thread the pendant onto a length of chain. Assemble layers of chain together using jumprings. Connect one half of the clasp to each end of the chains using jumprings.

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The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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