Earrings with Sterling Silver Beads and Swarovski Crystal

Using a pair of flush-cutters cut two 6-inch lengths of Argentium® silver 22-gauge wire.
Using a pair of round-nose pliers form a small loop on one end of one 6-inch length of wire. Continue to twist the pliers 1/4 turn overlapping the wire slightly and closing the loop.
String the following onto the straight end of the wire:
  • Six Swarovski crystal metallic blue 2X 3mm bicones
  • One Swarovski crystal metallic blue 2X 4mm bicone
  • One sterling silver 22x5mm dragonfly wing bead
  • One Swarovski crystal jet 4mm bicone
  • One sterling silver 3mm round
Gently curve the loop end ''tail'' of the dragonfly to an approximately 35-degree angle.

Using a pair of chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers and flush-cutters form a wrapped loop on the straight end of the wire creating a dragonfly drop.
Open the loop of the earwire. Pass the loop through the wrapped loop on the dragonfly drop. Close the loop.
Repeat Steps 2 - 4 to create a second earring curving the tail of the dragonfly in the opposite direction (150-degrees) creating a mirror image.

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