Single-Strand Necklace with Swarovski Crystal

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Connect 3 Swarovski fancy stone settings art. 4706/S H20 1 P Z 17mm gold using headpins as shown in our illustration. The red marked dots are the ones through which the headpin will be inserted and the blue ones are the ones that stay idle at this point. Turn a loop at the end of the headpin and wind the end around the headpin twice. Position the piece as shown in the illustration.

Connect the Swarovski fancy stone settings art. 4706/S H20 1 P Z 24 mm gold to the settings created in Step 1 using a headpin and the red marked holes of the settings. Turn a loop in the headpin as done in Step 1. Carefully insert all the Swarovski fancy stones into the proper settings and close the prongs with tweezers.

Cut a 90 and 45cm long piece of Tigertail™. Thread the 90cm piece through the right end of the headpin loop center the Tigertail in the loop. Insert the wooden beads onto the doubled strand of Tigertail. Insert the Tigertail through a crimping bead, keep one of the ends longer and go through a split ring and back through crimping bead and one of the wooden beads. Pull the Tigertail tight, crimp the crimping bead and cut off the extra Tigertail. Repeat the same process at the other end using the 45cm Tigertail.

Insert Swarovski bead art. 5000 8mm crystal onto the headpin and turn a loop at the end. Attach a lobster clasp to one of the split rings using a 5mm jumpring and an extension chain to the other split ring using a 5 and 8mm jumpring. Connect the headpin with Swarovski bead to the end of the extension chain by opening the loop.

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