Bracelet with Sterling Silver Charms, Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads and Czech Pressed Glass Bead Caps

Separate one 8-1/4 inch length of 5mm long cable chain.

Tip: There should be approximately 19 links; however, this can be adjusted based on the intended wrist size.
Using an artist’s brush apply Bengal pink Pebeo porcelain paint to one 22x11mm awareness ribbon charm. Make sure to cover the complete charm excluding the bail. Repeat to paint a total of five ribbon charms.

Allow 24-hours to dry then bake in oven according to manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Pebeo paint is transparent, but can be brought to an opaque finish with additional coats of paint. Allow each layer to dry approximately one hour between coats.
  • Other paint colors and/or less or additional charms may be added.
  • Messages such as dates and/or names may be added to the charms once cured to make each ribbon more personal.

Flower Drops

String one emerald green 7x3mm flower bead cap and one half-coat metallic watermelon 6mm round onto one 1-inch headpin then form a simple loop.

Repeat to create a total of ten flower drops.
Pass one 4mm jumpring through the first link on the length of chain and the loop on one 22x11mm awareness ribbon then close.

Pass one 4mm jumpring through the third link on the length of chain and the loop on one flower drop then close. Skip one link and using one 4mm jumpring attach one flower drop to the fifth link.

Tip: The pattern is one ribbon and then two flower drops.
Continue using 4mm jumprings to attach the remaining ribbon charms and flower drops to every other link on the chain in the pattern established in Step 4.
Using one 8x6mm oval jumpring, connect the first link in the chain to the loop on one lobster claw clasp.

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