Bracelet with Gold-Finished Steel Chain, Macramé Imitation Silk Cord and Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads

Separate one 6-1/2 inch length 15mm infinity link chain and one 1-1/2 inch length 4mm curb chain. Cut one 52-inch length red 1mm imitation silk cord.
String one ruby red 3mm round onto one 1/2 inch headpin then form a simple loop. Repeat to create a total of three ruby red 3mm round drops and one ruby red 6mm round drop.
Match up the ends of the length of cord then use a lark's head knot to attach the cord to the first link on one end of the length of infinity chain.
Pass each end of the cord through the next two link loops on the corresponding side of the chain. Make a square knot using the cord strands as the working strands and the infinity chain as the anchor strands.

Continue to pass the ends of the cord through two links, on each side of the chain, then forming a square knot along the entire length of the chain.
Mix Devcon® 5 Minute® Epoxy according to manufacturer’s instructions. Secure the end of the cord with an overhand knot then apply a small amount of epoxy. Allow epoxy to sit for approximately 5-minutes.
Apply a generous amount of epoxy to both sides of the inside of one cord end and to both sides of the last link on one end of the length of infinity chain. Allow epoxy to begin to dry, but not complete.
Using Tool Magic® coated chain-nose pliers compress each side of the cord end over the chain, working from one side to the other with even pressure.

Tip: Tool Magic is optional, but works well to prevent marring.

Repeat to attach a cord end to the opposite end of the chain.

Place a bonding clip over each cord end to keep secure until the epoxy has fully cured.
Attach one 6mm jumpring to the loop on the 11.5x8mm lobster claw clasp and to the loop on one cord end. Pass one 6mm jumpring through the two previous jumprings then close.
Pass one 6mm jumpring through the first link on one end of the length of curb chain and the loop on the cord end on the opposite end of the bracelet then close.

Use one 6mm jumpring to attach the ruby red 6mm round drop to the last link on the chain. Repeat to attach one ruby red 3mm round drop to the next link on the chain.

Attach the remaining ruby red 3mm round drops to the last two links as well.

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