Bracelet with Oh! Rings™ and Jumprings


Open several, or all, of the jumprings that will be used in the project to make them easier to work with when creating your chain. Open each jumpring in the same manner; it's helpful when placing them in the design.

Tip: If you are right handed, twist outward with your left hand. If you are left handed, twist outward with your right hand. This simple technique makes attaching jumprings so much easier.
To begin the base row, pass one open jumpring through 12 Oh! Rings™ then close.

Pass an additional open jumpring through two Oh! Rings from the previous set of 12 Oh! Rings and 10 additional Oh! Rings. (The goal is to have a total of 12 Oh! Rings per jumpring for the entire base row.)

Repeat Step 3 using the center two Oh! Rings from the previous set of twelve Oh! Rings. (You should have 4 loose ones on each side.)

Repeat creating a chain of your desired length, approximately 19 jumprings.

Note: The Oh! Rings in the chain will stretch quite a bit so do not make it too long.

When creating the last set of Oh! Rings in the chain, pass the jumpring through the center two Oh! Rings from the previous set of twelve, add eight Oh! Rings and the center two Oh! Rings from the first set in the chain, connecting the ends.
Pass a second jumpring through the same path as the previous jumpring for each existing set of Oh! Rings, creating double jumprings. Be sure the jumprings lay flat on top of each other.
The two outer rows will be connected along either side of this base row.

Pass one open jumpring through two of the four loose Oh! Rings from the base row and two of the four from the adjacent jumpring set of Oh! Rings. Add two additional Oh! Rings then close.

Pass an open jumpring through the two Oh! Rings just added then repeat Step 7 along the entire side of the base row.

Repeat Step 7 to create a row in the opposite side of the base row.

Double up the jumprings on the two outside rows. (Refer to Step 5 for a reminder if needed.)

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