Belt Buckle with Delica® Seed Beads

Cut a 3-foot length of FireLine® thread. Thread on a beading needle.
Add a stop bead onto the end of the thread, leaving a tail approximately 6 inches long.
Starting from the center of the pattern, begin beading odd-count peyote stitch using your desired pattern or design until the width from the top inside edge to the bottom inside edge is complete.

Tip: View our ''How to Create an Even and Odd Count Peyote Stitch'' How-To Video and Illustrated Instructions for more information.

Continue beading one half of the design in odd-count peyote, decreasing the rows as needed until the first half is complete. Place the beading in the belt buckle to ensure it fits. When finished, pass the needle through a few adjacent seed beads then cut excess thread.

Note: You may need to cut additional lengths of thread to continue beading. If you have 6 inches or less of thread remaining, weave the needle through adjacent seed beads until secure then trim excess thread. Cut a new length of thread then attach the needle. Weave the needle through adjacent seed beads, exiting the bead where you left off then continue beading.
Cut a new length of thread and add a beading needle. Pass the needle through a few adjacent seed beads on and near the starting row, exiting the bead on the end of the row. Bead the second half of the pattern.
Use Pebeo porcelain paint to paint the inside edge of the belt buckle, matching the color of the outer seed beads. Set aside to dry.
Mix Devcon® 5-Minute® Epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions. Apply a thin layer of epoxy to the inside of the belt buckle.

Press the seed beaded design into the epoxy then set aside to cure.

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