Earrings with Crystal Passions® Beads, Sculpey® PREMO Polymer Clay and Nylon Cord

Condition approximately 14 grams of burnt umber polymer clay.

Split the clay into four equal lumps.
Form one lump of clay into a teardrop shape. Use this teardrop to form a solid crown of a cowboy hat. Indent the bottom so it fits over the top of a crystal skull.

Form a second lump of clay into a flat round donut approximately 1-1/4 inches in diameter with the inner edge matching the teardrop of the crown. This will be the brim.
Press the clay into crumpled aluminum foil to give the impression of leather then add detail to the brim and crown as seen in the design image.
Cut a 4-inch length of nylon cord.

Carefully press the crown onto the brim, using a tool to blend the edge as best as possible. Wrap the length of cord around the base of the crown for the hat band.
String a beaded rondelle and a crystal skull onto a head pin.

Push the head pin up through the bottom of the hat until the hat rests on the skull as desired. Remove the head pin and beads and set aside then use a beading awl to widen the hole slightly.
Repeat Steps 2 - 5 to create two identical polymer clay hats. Make any adjustments as needed before baking.

Bake the hats according to manufacturer's instructions.
Mix Devcon® 5-Minute® epoxy according to manufacturer's instructions. Cross the ends of the cord over each other on one hat then place a bead of epoxy onto the cord to secure it. Repeat with the other hat.
Restring the head pin through the bottom of one hat then form a wrapped loop. Attach an ear wire to complete the earring. Repeat to create a second earring.

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