Jane Deyo

Jane Deyo

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
2009 Jewelry-Making Contest

A Butterfly's Garden

Introduce Yourself:

Everything I see inspires me. I love nature, animals, people. My beading style is truly simple elegance. My designs aren't flashy, yet are stunning and can be worn for both work and play. I'm most proud of A Butterfly's Garden.

Share Your Background

I introduced myself to beading as a way to contribute to my (then) employer's ''Relay For Life'' campaign. A group of ladies held a jewelry/accessory sale and I contributed 30 bracelets, all of which sold! I heard about Fire Mountain Gems from a lady at the local craft store. She raved about Fire Mountain Gems.

Beading Success

Jewelry-making is an enormous part of my life. I teach bead embroidery at The Bead Cottage in Virginia Beach. I'm also organizing promotions for the store. With the economy so bad, we've had to come up with some very creative ways to promote the store. And of course my housework never gets done because of beading. If it weren't for my wonderful fellow cooking (much better than I do), we'd starve!

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