Identifying Small Business Trends That Can Provide Numerous Benefits

Some pieces of age-old business advice can help propel a company, regardless of the time of year or the conditions of the market. However, there are also a number of trends that are specific to a certain era, yet just as effective as the old fallbacks.

Each year, industry experts speculate which will be the biggest small business trends to help entrepreneurs find success in the field. Although these vary from season to season, there are a couple of trends that are growing into mainstays and helping more individuals expand upon their dreams of making it big. Everyone from small beading business owners to restaurateurs is learning to capitalize on a few of these key trends.

1. E-commerce. In the Digital Age, more people than ever have access to computers and the internet. This has quickly become one of the biggest means for beading business owners to market and sell their goods, which can be especially hard during an economic downturn.

More entrepreneurs are benefiting from the internet thanks to the development of websites, such as Groupon and LivingSocial, according to These companies are designed to work with businesses to offer special discounts to consumers who are interested in staying in the loop when it comes to their favorite places. Businesses that collaborate with these marketing websites can potentially drive traffic and increase profit over time.

Then, of course, there is the ability to advertise through your beading business' website and email newsletters. Together, all of these technology-based resources are helping entrepreneurs gain an edge on competition in their respective fields.
Identifying Small Business Trends That Can Provide Numerous Benefits

2. Environmental consciousness. As global warming becomes a pressing concern, more companies are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprints and go green. In turn, numerous small businesses are reaping the benefits of being environmentally-friendly and attracting a whole new niche of clients: green consumers.

It's not uncommon for consumers to specifically look for environmentally-conscious companies to buy products from. For this reason, more businesses are making an effort to go green to not only save the planet, but also to sustain their overall bottom lines.

One example of being more environmentally friendly comes from jewelry and jewelry supply makers using recyclable items to create their goods for consumers. Some people decide to go green in other ways by looking toward sustainable distributors. In any case, their efforts are paying off in the form of more customers and profit.

3. Mobile marketing. USA Today reports that as more small businesses make it possible for consumers to surf their websites on the go via smartphones, they're increasing their profits. Because people are often connected to the internet wherever they go, many individuals like to have the capability to surf the web and check their email on a whim.

Furthermore, consumers like to be able to do their shopping from wherever they may be, too. Small businesses can benefit from this trend by creating a mobile version of their company websites or applications for smartphones, and many are already doing so. Adapting to the changing times has become the name of the game when it comes to maintaining your overall bottom line. As technology and mobile phones continue to evolve, so will trends that can benefit entrepreneurs.

4. Social networking. While speaking along the lines of the internet, it's worth mentioning social networking and the role it continues to play in the small business industry. Websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, may have once only been a way to keep in contact with friends. However, they have since evolved into ways to stay in contact with everything from retailers to celebrities.

Since Facebook opened itself up to the idea of allowing businesses to create pages of their own, entrepreneurs have been reaping the benefits of this outlet to reach out to potential clients. In addition, beading business owners have also been able to keep in contact with patrons and use this platform as another way to market their products.

"Facebook is where the action is right now, so it would be dumb not to have a presence there," Steve Strauss wrote in USA Today. "Whether it is having your own Fan page, or learning how to advertise on the site, or using it to grow your reach and brand, tapping the popularity of Facebook is the way to go right now."Although Facebook has certainly become a powerful tool for marketing-savvy business owners, it's worth checking out other social networking outlets, too. Websites, such as Twitter and Google+ are helping more small beading business owners reach out to consumers and increase their bottom lines. Taking advantage of these media outlets can potentially relieve you of marketing and advertising stress.