How to Increase Your Productivity as a Beading Business Owner

It's not uncommon for people to have a hard time getting going in the morning, even those who are self-employed. You would think that being an entrepreneur and playing the role of your own boss would make it easier to roll out of bed excited for the day. However, there are a number of responsibilities that beading business owners face, too--some of which can put a damper on a day before it even starts.

If you have some of those days from time to time when you just can't get yourself motivated to be productive and on the ball, think about the effects it's having on your small beading business. If you're sluggish and unproductive, chances are your employees are, too. Not to mention, your attitude can be contagious. You might be rubbing off on your staff and clients without even thinking about it.

It's hard to say if a lack of motivation and productivity can result in a loss of hundreds of dollars for your small business, but it's undoubtedly not ideal. However, there are a few ways you can make sure you're more productive and ready to take on each day from the moment you wake up in the morning--even if you're not an early bird. says that if you find it a little difficult to get going everyday, think of ways that you can plan ahead to increase your productivity. One example is to make a list of things you would like to accomplish the night before. Instead of lying in bed, allowing these thoughts to keep you up, do yourself a favor before you fall asleep--write them down.

If it helps, keep a notebook and a pen handy on your nightstand to prepare for these sleepless evenings. The next morning, you'll have a to-do list ready to go, which can be beneficial if you have a hard time being productive as soon as you walk into the office. Also, getting these ideas onto paper might help you relieve stress at night and get some shut eye. says that another way you can increase your productivity in the workplace is to make a point to avoid all distractions. This can be difficult if you run your small business at home, but it's not impossible. Set aside a separate space where you can do business and get away from it all, whether it be your nagging kids or your antsy dog.

If you have a storefront to run, there are ways to avoid distractions there, too. Try to set aside a personal space or office where you can go on your lunch break to reboot and refocus. On top of that, try to steer clear of your email and phone.

"Lock your door, put a sign up, turn off your phone, texts, email, and instant messaging," Ilya Pozin writes for "In fact, if you know you may sneak a peek at your email, set it to offline mode, or even turn off your internet connection. Go to a quiet area and focus on completing one task."

If your lack of productivity stems from feeling overwhelmed the second you begin your workday, there are ways to combat this problem as well. One of the easiest ways to do so is to down size that mountain of daily tasks. If you know that your plate is full tomorrow, you will likely dread it and end up killing your motivation.

To make your responsibilities and to-do list less intimidating, try to put it in order. Place the easiest tasks to accomplish at the top of the list to get them done and out of the way in the morning. Throughout the day, you will have the time to tackle the big issues at hand and avoid putting all of the stress on yourself right when you walk into the office.

If you're still having trouble increasing your productivity in the workplace, it might be a good idea to jot down all of your responsibilities and obligations to prioritize accordingly. Doing so can also relieve an ample amount of stress, sorting out what you need to accomplish on a daily basis. Include everything from your responsibilities to your family to your role with your small beading business.

Having everything in front of you can help you get an idea of how to create a schedule that works for your lifestyle. In turn, you can increase your productivity rate and have a positive effect on your small beading business. Although it may seem like a lot of effort, your planning can pay off over time and benefit your bottom line.