MAGIC Marketplace, Accessories: TheShow and PoolTradeShow

MAGIC Marketplace, Accessories: TheShow and PoolTradeShow
by Jake Woolley, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

We're back! What a fantastic experience at the MAGIC Marketplace, Accessories: TheShow and PoolTradeShow this past February in Las Vegas. If there's one thing that remains consistent in the fashion and jewelry-making industry, it's change. Jewelry trends exist through cycles of change. Keeping an eye on this change is one of the reasons we go each year and why we share this valuable information with you.

These shows consist of the top trade events in the international fashion industry while hosting thousands of buyers and sellers. It was wonderful to visit with customers, find out how their businesses are doing and make sure we're offering the most requested jewelry-making materials.

During the two days at the shows we saw predominate changes in color, texture and style, but also there were the gradual changes that alter from season to season. Let's take a look at some of the biggest changes, must-have materials and noteworthy trends recently seen in Las Vegas.

Leather Bracelets

A variety of leather bracelets were on display including multi-strands, bands, bangles and large leather straps. Stacking was prevalent with upwards of 5 to 10 bracelets at a time. Lots of bright bold and neon colors, often hand dyed and embellished with inspirational phrases or with sparkling Swarovski crystal flat backs.
Leather Bracelets

Design Idea BBD7 Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Ring and Purse Set Red and Black

The dominant fashion colors of bright red and jet black were center of attention with apparel. As upcoming wardrobes are sure to be focused on these two colors, jewelry makers are finding new ways to complement fabric with alternate colors as well as feature the bold red and black accents into their designs.

Metal Chains

A staple for jewelry makers, chain was still prominent with styles slightly altered in color and size.
  • Large and small chain dominated the medium sizes. Whether separate or complementing each other, these two sizes were featured on necklaces and bracelets.
  • Brass, antiqued copper, gunmetal and bright aluminum chain worked their way into a majority of jewelry designs.
  • Gold was bold. Replacing silver all across the board, gold was the prominent metal at the show. Whether plated, colored, coated or pure, gold has once again become chain's new best friend.
Metal Chain
Cocktail Rings

Rings were profound and showcased with a lot of bling. The old adage "bigger is better" definitely played a part with stylish cocktail rings. Stretchy or adjustable, one size fits all was the overwhelming majority. With a focus on size, rings were created from large buttons, metallic filigree, big sparkle clusters of crystal and even some that covered several fingers with two to three finger holes giving a "brass knuckle" look.

Design Idea B40H Ring Design Idea B8C8 Ring Design Idea B407 Ring
Macramé Knotting

The use of macramé knots was seen among all types of jewelry, especially bracelets. A wide variety of thread colors expanded the styles with a bold visual appeal. The decorative knotting also incorporated Swarovski crystals, rubberized beads and jet beads. Macramé knotting is a great look for men's jewelry with the use of darker tones and matte colors.

Design Idea BB89 Bracelet

Flat backs

Rhinestone crystal flat backs added a dash of sparkle to a large variety of jewelry, accessories and clothing. Primarily clear or clear AB in color, bright and dark flat back colors also worked well with jewelry pieces featuring complementary colors.

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Design Idea 9313 Shoes
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