Bead Storage Solutions™

Bead Storage Solutions™
by Barbara van Look, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Bead Storage Solutions™ was designed for beaders and jewelry makers by a beader and jewelry maker: Elizabeth Ward, President of Elizabeth Ward and Company, LLC. These convenient storage trays and bins keep you organized while giving you access to your material. Here's how:
  • Stackable bins and see-through lids and containers let you know your inventory with a glance
  • Patented "easy up-and-out" containers that have rounded bottoms for easy bead removal and side notches to easily grip, move and use
  • Mix-'n'-match containers in a variety of sizes that let you make your storage system uniquely your own
Stackable and See-Through

Each of the Bead and Component Containers™ are molded in clear and sturdy plastic. You can see your entire inventory with the same convenience as others find and choose bolts in the hardware store, yet your items won't slip through the cracks of drawers and cabinets that aren't designed for tiny beading and jewelry-making supplies.

Ridges on the bottom and channels on the top allow these bins to stack securely. Snap-locks prevent leaks and spills. Standard-sized bins and trays stack perfectly, fitting most shelving units. Set a bin on its side and it becomes a cabinet of bead containers which won't spill if tipped or bumped.

You can get to your supplies quickly--and put them away just as easily--with the stackable bins and see-through lids in the Bead Storage Solutions™ system.

Patented "Easy Up-and-Out" Containers

Side notches on the patented "easy up-and-out" containers are textured and sized to be easy to grip, lift, slide and use. Locking lids create sealed containers that keep you in control of your beads and components. You can select an item individually and the rounded front makes it easy to slide out just the component you need. The easy-open containers are also easy to pour, so you can dispense a controlled amount of beads into a beading tray or dish.

Four sizes means you don't have to choose between being organized and saving space. Large products and high quantities are ideal for the largest Bead and Component Containers™, while small items (like seed beads, chatons, flat backs, etc.) and remnants of other projects won't be rattling around inside huge drawers and taking up valuable space.

Mix-'n'-Match to Personalize Your System

You're not stuck with the storage systems that you find at the hardware store.

All components of the Bead Storage Solutions system are interchangeable so you can create the system you need.

You can store your collection of chatons and flat backs in a bin with the Large Caddy and keep your Hot-Fix Heater™ and Apoxie® Sculpt where you use them most. Or bin your beads alongside coordinating colors of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire. You can organize all your beads by size--or group them with all jewelry supplies in the same color or finish.

Mix and match containers, caddies and bins to suit your storage needs--and avoid having to fit your storage needs to somebody else's assumptions.

Each set is individually boxed with point-of-purchase information, making it shelf-ready for resale.

Assorted Bead Storage Tray™ Assorted Bead Storage Tray™
This tray includes a variety of Bead and Component Containers™, so designer-artists can select the appropriately sized container for every type of bead or finding.
  • 45-piece set
    • (1) lid
    • (1) tray
    • (13) Tiny Containers™ 2x1-1/8x3/4"
    • (16) Small Containers™ 2x1-1/8x1-1/16"
    • (10) Medium Containers™ 2x1-1/8x1-3/4"
    • (3) Large Containers™ 3x2x1-1/8"
    • (1) sheet of removable labels, 44 individual labels

Tiny Container Bead Storage Tray™ Tiny Container Bead Storage Tray™
This tray comes pre-loaded with the smallest size of Bead and Component Containers, ideal for seed beads, chatons, flat backs, findings, small spacers and more.
  • 82-piece set
    • (1) lid
    • (1) tray
    • (78) Tiny Containers™ 2x1-1/8x3/4"
    • (2) sheets of removable labels, 88 individual labels

Work In Progress Tray™ Work In Progress Tray™
Ideal for those times when your jewelry making gets interrupted, this three-strand flocked beading tray comes complete with a transparent lid.
  • 4-piece set
    • (1) tray
    • (1) lid
    • (1) bead design board
    • (1) board cover

Tool and Spool Bin™ 5-Piece Set Tool and Spool Bin™
This rectangular bin includes three separate removable caddies for organizing frequently used tools and supplies.
  • Pliers Caddy holds tools within easy reach
  • Spool Caddy holds wire and stringing materials
  • Large Caddy holds cleaning and polishing supplies, Hot-Fix Heater™ and other mid-sized tools
  • 5-piece set
    • (1) lid
    • (1) tray
    • (1) tool container 12x4-1/2x4-1/4"
    • (1) pliers caddy 6x4-1/2x4-1/4"
    • (1) spool caddy 6x4-1/2x4-1/4"

Bead and Component Containers™ Bead and Component Containers™
Beaders and jewelry makers can select a personalized mix of see-through Bead and Component Containers to turn the Supply Bin into additional storage for a variety of supplies, or use as replacements for lost or damaged containers.
  • 4 different sizes: Tiny, Small, Medium and Large
  • Patented "easy up-and-out" grip
  • Curved front for easy bead removal

Trays and bins are made of transparent plastic, so you'll spend less time looking for materials and more time using them. The compact shapes keep your beads and findings together, while the self-stacking trays and bins offer an easy-to-use system for the variety of materials beaders and jewelry makers use.

Learn more about Elizabeth Ward here.

Customer Comments

We would like to share some of the customer comments we received in response to the article "Bead Storage Solutions™," as featured in an email newsletter. Please keep in mind that the comments expressed below are those of our customers and do not reflect the views of Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.

"I absolutely loved your story and information on Elizabeth Ward. I'm an organizing guru myself and always help inspire others to make their life easier. I learned organizing skills from my grandmother (who was my most favorite person in the world). She always knew exactly where everything was in her home. I carried this into my office as well and now that I'm a beader I'm always looking for ways to organize my space and beading supplies. It was a great story with lots of helpful storage ideas."
- Laura

"I Like the system very much--but is expensive when all pieces are added together. Can there be a couple of different size starter kits that allow for a discount? These are alot better than fishing tackle boxes. Thanks"
- Karen

"Your products/selelections, ideas and individual storage-concepts are absolutely great! What about silver-storage components; some kind of vaccum-ready boxes, which will provide silver-items/beads/clasps/etc. of building-up any tarnish, by manually removing the air through evacuating the boxes--and, which will fit to your entire storage system? We really, really would be very interested, if you are providing this kind of matching storage-boxes as well?!? Thanking you very much for your kind information in advance, we are sending you our Very Best Regards."
- Henrietta