Your Purse: Your Life

by Laura Vidales

Approximately two months or so ago, I misplaced my purse. You have your whole life in your purse! (Unbeknownst to me at the time however; was that my purse was lying on a busy thoroughfare, just waiting for an angel to be at my side.) I thought I had brought it with me when taking my grandson home. I sit in the backseat of our car while my husband does the driving. After dropping off my grandson--I jumped in the front seat and expected to see my purse. Well, no purse--then I started doubting myself as to whether I had even brought it in the first place. Senior moments ... Shortly after coming to the conclusion that I must not have brought it, I received a phone call on my cell phone which I did have with me. On the line was a caller, a complete stranger, who told me they had seen a purse lying in the middle of the street and that cars were driving around the "obstacle." Not only that, but the contents of my purse were strewn around on the street as well! This ANGEL had seen the "thing" in the street, threw a u-turn and went back because she could have sworn it looked like a purse! Lo and behold she gathered up my things from the street and rifled through my wallet till she found my business card which contained my cell phone number and called it to tell me that she had found my purse and had retrieved it for me! Mind you I had money, ATM cards, license, everything that a person could have used fraudulently for their own use. The purse was found about 1/2 mile away from where I live, and I must have placed the purse (now it came back to me) on the top of the car, and my husband drove off with the purse on top till it finally fell off on this busy thoroughfare. Talk about a miracle and talk about an Angel!

Inspiration for Story: I was humbled and thankful that when you least expect it, there comes a moment in time when an Angel is there for you in your time of need.