Four Seconds to Death

by Mary G Holcomb

In Jan. 2012, I was driving my little lady that I work for back home from town. As we approached the intersection, we heard the sound of a loud motor racing toward us. I could see a large one ton truck in the rear view mirror. But instead of stopping, he sped up to get around us on the right side of the road. The light had already turned red and there was a car in the middle of the intersection. But still he went faster to get around us. I had only enough time to say oh Lord and my little ladies name. The truck flew around us and into the middle of the intersection and just barely around the front of the other car. That night the Lord showed me four seconds to death: 1 second the truck was right behind us, 2 seconds and he was beside us 3 seconds he was in front of us and 4 seconds he was around the other car. If it had not been for Angels he should have hit us from behind and we should have hit right in the other driver's door.

Inspiration for Story: Psalm 91. God puts His angels charge over us.