Cat Saved My Life

by Mardee Davis

Three years ago I got pneumonia. I had spent 5 days in the hospital then they sent me home. I was lying in bed and saw what looked like water at the edge of my vision. I thought I was just tired ... Not realizing I wasn't breathing normally. So I fell asleep. About 10 minutes later my then 18 year old cat Rocky Bockins, climbed onto a shelf above my bed and dove onto my chest! He had never been on that shelf before. I had stopped breathing. My neighbor heard me yell and called me asking if I was okay. I told him what happened and he had to carry me out to his truck. At the emergency room my oxygen level was at a 38, the Dr. told me Rocky had saved my life. I spent another 18 days in intensive care and realized Rocky was my angel, because he knew I was dying and he saved my life. Rocky is not only my angel, he is my hero.

Inspiration for Story: Rocky Bockins :)