The Night an Angel Was Stabbed

by Robin

In August of 2012 around 3:30AM the phone rang. It was the hospital telling my mother and I that my 20 year old daughter had been stabbed. We didn't know much more than that. We got dressed and went by my condo where my daughter and her roommate lived so we could take her roommate, Ryan, with us to the hospital. As we pulled in to the complex where our condo was located I saw numerous police cars and police officers in and out of the condo. It turned out that the stabbing had happened right there, in their home. I was frantic to know what had happened but one of the officers told me I needed to get to the hospital right now. I don't think it had really hit me that my daughter was fighting for her life. I was confused and upset. I was feeling guilty because it had happened in my condo. The lady from the hospital had said my daughter was awake and talking so I didn't think it was serious until I saw all the police.

It turns out that a man had broken into the condo, got my daughter at knife point, took her into her room and had told her if she screamed his partner would kill Ryan, her roommate, and proceeded to attempt to rape her. She had been asleep on the couch when the assailant had gotten her and had thought she was having a nightmare, not realizing the nightmare was real. The assailant had gotten her shorts off of her before she had had a chance to wake up enough to realize what was happening but when she did realize what was happening she screamed and hit the guy. Thank God I had taught her to defend herself. The coward then proceeded to stab my daughter in the stomach and took off out the window he had come in, in the first place.

The hospital had done a CAT scan and saw where the knife had penetrated her bowels. They rushed her into emergency surgery to try and save her life. By the time we arrived at the hospital she was already in surgery. Another reason for me to feel guilty is if I had come straight to the hospital I may have gotten to see her before they took her into surgery, but we had not realized it was so serious. If you know my daughter you would have thought she might have just dropped a knife on her big toe and nothing more. After much prayer the surgeon finally came out to update us. As it turned out, the knife had stopped on the lining of her bowels and had not gone through. There was no explanation as to why the CAT scan had showed it had penetrated her bowels. All I know is an angel was stabbed that night taking the brunt of the wound for my daughter. I can only pray that God has healed the angel as he healed my daughter. She has completely recovered from the stabbing, but the emotional scars are still very much there. I know God will heal them too.

Inspiration for Story: My daughter and her angel.