The Power of You

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The idea of maintaining a positive mental attitude has been expressed so often that it can almost seem clich├ęd; yet behind those words lies a powerful truth: everyone has the ability to control his or her attitude through the thoughts each chooses to think. For example, say a person is involved in a project that means a great deal to them, and it ends up failing for one reason or another. It's really how that individual reacts to that "failure" that determines his or her fate. It may be viewed as a learning experience, another step in their journey to success, or it can become a source of discouragement to the point that their peace of mind is derailed, thus increasing the likelihood of further disappointments. However, the person who understands the laws of life refuses to acknowledge defeat and continues to try until he or she manifests what is sincerely desired. Such a person realizes that, as an individualization of the one true power, they cannot fail if they persevere with faith and determination.

The liberating truth is that we can shape our own destiny. By exercising the latent power within us to master our thoughts and emotions, staying on guard over ourselves, intervening as soon as we realize we're paying attention to what we don't want to create and reversing those thoughts or mental images, we see that life is a remarkable opportunity; through the determined use of our free will, knowing that God's presence alone deserves our undivided attention, we can experience the transformation of our lives on all levels. This is the truth which sets us free. In the absence of this freedom, there arises the illusion of lack, the sense that we cannot really create the good--whether health, love, wealth, a project, or whatever--which we want to produce. The pervasive problem which must be overcome is the feeling of doubt or fear regarding our ability to successfully use these laws. The answer? Keep applying the wisdom which we have received until we prove the truth of it to ourselves through the concrete results which are sure to follow. In this way, we remove those limiting beliefs and feelings which have all too often held us back.

The contents of this issue--and every issue--are hopefully catalysts, reminders of the incredible truth and freedom available to every one of us. By putting these truths into action (and the grace of the Almighty), may each of us rise to the spiritual heights for which our lives were designed and be free. Until the next issue, I wish you all health, happiness, and prosperity.


Robert A. Becker