Style Snapshot: Summer at Sea
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Make a splendid splash this summer with sea-inspired jewelry. Transport yourself to the beach ... dig your feet in the sand, listen to the sounds of the ocean and soak up the sun. Are you feeling more relaxed? Let this stress-free sensation serve as inspiration for creating on-trend beachy cool designs.

Surfacing in many different forms from sea life to shells, this style takes its cue from all things nautical. Fitting for the office, after hour get-togethers and special summer events, this jewelry direction is fresh and full of fun. Designers are combining sandy, wavy and scaly textures with bubble-like elements and an abundance of shimmer, iridescence and scalloped edges. And nothing says summer--long days and fun in the sun--like wearing a piece of the sea. Dive in and design this sought-after style with the following product suggestions and designs ideas for a sizzling summer at sea.
Design Idea A66W Necklace

Design Idea C83B Necklace
Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are dripping with starfish, crabs, fish, seahorses and all sorts of sea life. These charming critters liven up the season with their eye-pleasing symmetry and granular, smooth or scaly surfaces. Starfish make stunning focal pieces in collar and pendant necklaces, as they reflect the stars in the sky and symbolize rebirth and healing, due to their remarkable regeneration abilities.

Bring the tranquility of the ocean to jewelry by incorporating the colors of the sea. Design with blue-colored gemstones such as aquamarine and amazonite and varying shades of blue in Czech pressed glass, Celestial Crystal® and Swarovski crystal. Add movement and fluidity to designs with shell beads and cultured freshwater pearls twisted together, wavy headpins, three-dimensional Hill Tribes fine silver sea life beads and components and the never-ending flash of Swarovski crystal.

Jewelry comes out of its shell and commands extra attention with shell beads and components, both natural and manmade. The more iridescent the better as paua, golden, black, brown lip and mother-of-pearl shell are making their way down the runways on the summer’s hottest looks. Whole shell beads and shell-shaped beads are incorporated into large statement earrings and chunky collar necklaces.

Just as in nature no two shells are alike, shell beads and components symbolize individuality and uniqueness in jewelry designs. Their shape and natural color patterns bring a natural flow and movement to necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Design Idea A8AT Necklace

Design Idea B319 Necklace and Earrings
Earn your style stripes with nautical-inspired design motifs and elements including boats, anchors, chains and links, rope and rope twists and the classic color combination of navy blue and white with red accents. These jewelry pieces make a well-traveled statement--such as jingling charm bracelets and bold chains infused with sea blue tones--without ever having to leave home. Work in rope-like material such as waxed cotton cord or twisted nylon cord and large-link aluminum chain for spot-on style. Or pair navy and cream-colored Swarovski pearls with a burst of red Swarovski crystal for a sophisticated piece.

Go overboard with sea life, shells, ships and all things nautical for style success this summer.

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Design with ... Design Idea A61K Earrings

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