Angels Are Comforting

by Debi

I grew up believing in Angels and how we each had a guardian angel. Several years ago a friend was showing me pictures of wooden angels he had made for his wife's garden. He told me how he would make an angel for a friend or loved one who needed comfort.

When my father became ill he made me an angel to help me through a difficult time. I placed the angel in a place where I could see it on a daily basis. I took comfort in knowing people cared about me. I also crocheted an angel to put on my dad's bed post at the hospital, then at the nursing home. I took comfort in knowing his guardian angel was watching over him. When dad passed away I put the angel away thinking I would not need it any longer.

However, my sister-in-law then fell ill and I pulled out the angel my friend had given me. Once again I felt a comfort in my life.

I started collecting angels after this. I also try to make a pair of angel earrings for my mother and sisters at least once a year. I started this last Valentine's Day and they love it.

Inspiration for Story: Friends