How to Use the Assorted Color Packs - Your Color Palette Awaits! Multi-Strand Necklace and Earring Set
by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Color-themed Swarovski crystal assorted color packs, exclusively customized by Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®, let you easily create color-coordinated jewelry lines. Because the colors are premixed for beautiful designs, all the challenge and guesswork in mixing colors has been eliminated. Now you can use color packs with clients such as brides to make easy color decisions. They're great for getting the tones right for seasonal designs or select holidays such as St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Valentine's Day. This saves you order and design time--your customers and clients will get better value for your designs because of the radiance of world-renowned Swarovski crystals.

Browse the assorted packs page that show all the coordinated and, in some packs such as Heat and Sonoran, contrasting colors for each pack. You'll find an extensive and attractive array of Swarovski crystal bicone beads in 20 popular color combinations, Swarovski flat back rhinestones in 9 premixed color selections and 8 luxurious collections of Swarovski pearls. Some color pack themes are self-explanatory, such as Birthstone and Jewel, while most of the packs have themes based on nature, such as Forest and Lakeshore, or emotions, such as Passion and Love Struck.

For example, Oregon Evening provides a selection of contrasting sunset colors: light peach, sunflower, Indian red and aquamarine as well as the blue/purple of tanzanite and the light pinkish violet of light amethyst.

A design idea that uses the sizzling red, pinks and violet of the Passion assorted color pack is C720. Jewelry Production Specialist Jude Wroblewski used 4, 6 and 8mm Xilion bicones in purple velvet, amethyst, fuchsia, light Siam, ruby and rose to create an alluring multi-strand necklace and earring set. As she put it, "Color packs make it easy to graduate color and sizes for a dramatic effect. They take out the time for trial and error, by having the colors together and themed."

Design Idea C126 is a bracelet using Swarovski crystal beads from the Tenderness assorted color pack, a soft and pleasing palette of pastels. The Xilion bicones, with colors of light peach, rose water opal, silk, light amethyst, chrysolite and light rose create an understated, classy and yet compelling presentation. Although she admits she is not normally a "pastel person," Jewelry Production Specialist Rose Wingenbach embraced the idea of having a color-coordinated selection of pastels for her use, making the design and creation process much easier.

Taking advantage of Swarovski crystal assorted color packs is an excellent way to add to your color palette. Designers can more readily work with colors that are outside their special interest or experience and easily create pieces that meet the preferences of their customers. Using assorted color packs is an excellent way for designers to increase their breadth of options while saving time and adding value to their creations.

More design ideas using Swarovski crystal assorted color packs:

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