Christmas Gift Jewelry for Him

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by Brett Wilder, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Four Masculine Jewelry Types to Fit His Style

Anyone who has given a man jewelry as a gift will know that guys generally have pretty specific comfort zones when it comes to personal ornamentation (what women know as "accessorizing"). This can be limiting, or it can make buying him jewelry as a Christmas gift a breeze.

Here's the key: he knows what he likes. Many men's tastes and personal styles are pretty much set in stone by the time they leave high school. A man will love and WEAR a piece of jewelry as long as it suits him--so select a piece that suits him!

What's his style? You probably already know. Here are a few men's designer jewelry types that will make it easy to create jewelry gifts for men:

Men's Pendants, Drops and Focals Western
He's the classic sweet n' manly American icon. He likes turquoise and rawhide. Look for cuff bracelets, silver-toned pendants with leather cord and keep colors earthy and basic.

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This guy sometimes gets a little daring. He may wear a choker, an earring (or two or four) or stacked bracelets. The look was patented by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards circa 1973; your guy may not be as thin or as rich, but the right jewelry gift can make him feel like a rock star.

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He can be a contractor or a contract lawyer, and motorcycle is optional. His accessories are basic silver and black, studded leather and big rings. The iconography may seem a little spooky (lots of grinning skulls) but it's really all in good fun.

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Men like to signify which team they proudly support. Sports charms are a great way to display team logos and colors that are easily incorporated into handmade jewelry such as a bracelet. Leather or cord can be used to create meaningful necklaces for guys.

To make sure you are designing sports jewelry for him with the right colors of his favorite teams use our professional team color guides:




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In addition to the four men's fashion jewelry types described above, we've added another type into the mix as an added bonus of a free gift: Men's Hip-Hop Jewelry. Basically, hip hop jewelry can be described with one word: gold, the original King of Bling. Anything that is mostly, or even better only, gold fills the bill: gold chain necklaces, gold pendants, charms--especially crosses--added to gold chain necklaces ... you get the idea.

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A guy's style is stable and the focus of truly meaningful personal identification. Use this to your advantage at Christmas time--if you give the appropriate gift, a man may wear it for the rest of his life.

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