Unity Pendant with Debbie Benninger

Design Idea MF36 Pendant

Join renowned wire-working expert Debbie Benninger as she demonstrates how to create your very own Unity pendant. Step-by-step instructions and helpful tips abound in this series designed to enlighten and inspire!

Meet the Artist: Debbie Benninger

Discover the lifelong journey that led author and jewelry-making expert Debbie Benninger into the world of wire weaving. From childhood creativity to artist collaborations and professional shows, learn about the highs and lows that brought Debbie to international acclaim.

Part 1: Creating a Prong Setting

In part one, she shows how to get started by creating a wire prong setting to fit cabochons. With this step-by-step tutorial, it's easier than you might think!

Part 2: Figure-8 Weaving a Bail

In part 2, she shows how to create a bail using a figure-8 wire weave

Part 3: Creating the Kite Frame

Part 3 shows how you'll learn to make a kite-shaped frame that serves as a base for the decorative wirework.

Part 4: Forming the Bail and Finishing Details

In the final video of the series, she shows you how to finish the bail and create the final wraps to finish off this wire-worked piece.

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