Trends: Glimpses of 2014

Trends: Glimpses of 2014

Courtesy of Handmade Business

Black and Silver Egg
"Black and Silver Egg"
Bill Ooms has developed the technique of incorporating thin layers of contrasting wood to the interior or exterior of wood boxes. Then he cuts through the contrasting layers with an ornamental lathe to create a pattern. "I've spent time developing techniques to add sterling silver to the work, such as my 'Black and Silver Egg,' shown here opened. Why? Because the sparkle of silver complements the reflected light from the faceted cuts in the wood. I'm working on techniques to include some silver filigree embedded into the surface of the wood."

Olympic fever is coursing through Anne Bliss' veins. In honor of the winter competition, she fashioned a new design, "Olympic Dreams," inspired by the recognizable rings. "I plan to do more multi-circle jewelry in the future and play with design. I know it will evolve further as I discover new ways to connect them." Specifics: recycled copper pipe, copper wire and chain, freshwater pearls, resin. Olympic Dreams
"Olympic Dreams"

When Lightning Blooms
"When Lightning Blooms"
In October 2014, Ginny Ruffner will have an exhibition at the Huntsville Museum of Art. It will feature sculptures from her well-received "Aesthetic Engineering Series." Shown here is the "When Lightning Blooms" sculpture, owned by the Corning Museum. "I intend to continue making metal and glass sculptures that pose questions about the unthought-of possibilities in genetic engineering." Specifics: stainless steel, bronze, and glass. Photo by Mike Seidl.

Joy Scott's direction has been to expand the three-dimensional aspects of her designs while continuing to focus on color and texture. Her goal for 2014 is to expand further in that direction. "My best work is when I'm working on the edge of what's possible and never playing it safe." Specifics: art glass, fused glass. Three-Dimensional Aspects
Design by Joy Scott

"Mother's Ring"
For 2014 Angela Heim is busy expanding the notion of the "Mother's Ring." Her new Family Collection will include necklaces, rings, bracelets, and brooches all representing the family with birthstones and sentimental keepsakes, like baby teeth and locks of hair. The photographed wide-band ring represents six people in the family. "By adding brooches or bracelets or necklaces, the 'Family Collection' expands to include stepsiblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents."

"Having a business specializing in fashion accessories, I pay close attention to what the experts at Pantone® announce to be the Spring and Fall Fashion Forecast Colors, as well as which color they declare to be the color of the year. I dye and introduce a line of scarves for each season in those colors," Pamela Mattei explains. One of its predicted blockbuster hues is Dazzling Blue, which Mattei models. Specifics: Dazzling Blue, floral pattern, 15 inches by 72 inches. Paula Blackwood/PBlackwood Gallery LLC. Pamela Mattei and Scarves
Scarves by Pamela Mattei

"In 2014 I look forward to creating intricate structures defined by the subtle hues of stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass. I've worked so much with color in the past decade, but I am looking forward to developing a collection of earthy industrial pieces, like 'Celtic Filigree Pendant,'" Rebeca Mojica reveals. Specifics: stainless steel, bronze chainmaille pendant.

Celtic Filigree Pendant
Celtic Filigree Pendant

Color has been the hallmark of Don and Louise Coulson's work for several years. Vitreous enamel was a logical next step for adding stable color to their vessels, such as "Eruption." The couple shares, "We had no idea that we would develop a passion for the process. By learning to control 'happy accidents,' we are finding new methods and building on new techniques." Specifics: vitreous enamel on copper, 2-1/2 inches by 2 inches.

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