Fan Flair

Design Idea 0115 Brooch
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

An easily identifiable shape, the fan has been used for more than just keeping cool on hot days. Throughout history and across the globe, fans have been used as: canvas for paintings and intricate embellishment, a signifier of social status or rank, accessories in beautiful dances and also captivating jewelry. Fans were even utilized on ancient battle fields to send signals between generals and the Japanese created effective war fans that served as both defense and weapon.

The shape of fans, most similar to that of a quarter or more sector of a circle, is a naturally attractive shape appealing to geometric symmetry while remaining unique with the broad curved side. Visually elegant, fans soften lines while providing balance and implied movement by directing attention and drawing the eye where artists want.
Fan Flair

Fan Flair Aside from geometric inspiration--which is always a popular motif in jewelry--fans have the capability of looking culturally, tribal or ethnically reminiscent. Especially when created with natural gemstone, horn or wood materials, a perfect synergy is obtained to bring an organic rhythm and flow to designs. Single fan-shaped metal sheet and drops take us back to the bronze (or whatever metal you use) age, instilling a sense of history in your jewelry. Gather components together to create a fan shape that retains flexibility, harking back to the invention of the ever-popular articulated folding fan. This opens up design possibilities since you don’t need to create your own singular fan. By utilizing beads or other materials with flared edges, a unique fan takes shape.

Even beads with fan carvings, lines or similar designs are useful when drawing in the eyes of onlookers. When components not previously considered fan-shaped are arranged with a concentric point or plane in mind and layered in graduated sizes, spectacular bib-style or elegant collar necklaces are achieved. Even try ready-to-string fan focal sets to make obtaining this look easier than ever.

Seen on runways, in magazines and on fashionistas, fans are making appearances in multitudes of sizes and materials. Facing either up or down, in whatever material you choose, fan the flames of fashion attraction by making customers feel cooler than ever in fan jewelry.
Fan Flair

Fan Flair Fan Flair

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