Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends

Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Breaking out of your jewelry comfort zone brings in new clientele ready to accessorize with your designs. Some jewelry demographics previously considered difficult, such as youth or men, are now at your creative fingertips. On trend, but maybe a little different, these five flattering jewelry ideas are not to be ignored.

Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends Cufflet

Also known as a hand flower, slave bracelet and more, the cufflet, as Fire Mountain labels it, is a unique decoration for the backs of hands. The idea tethers rings and bracelets together with simple or intricate design work in between. Cufflets give an exotic or Bohemian vibe and can be worn as a stand-alone piece or made to match necklace and earring sets. Chain, chainmaille and seed beads are common materials used to achieve this look.

Double-Finger Rings

Rings are fun (and stylish) to wear in multiples. With multi-finger rings you accomplish the look with one convenient jewelry piece. Double-finger rings are made with either one solid base and a design over the top, or multiple ring bases with loops linked together by chain or other embellishment. Also, create original double-banded designs by sculpting metal clay. Some styles incorporate multiple bands or more than two fingers for statement knuckle decoration.
Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends

Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends Wallet Chain

Fashionable and functional wallet chains keep keys or wallets attached to you for easy access and safe keeping. Wallet chains are your next all-age men's or unisex design since dangling chain is an always-popular industrial-looking fashion. Personalize with rhinestuds, chainmaille or beaded accents including sports team charms, skulls and pendants. Repurpose leather bracelet blanks as the belt connector or select your own leather and unique snaps for customized buttons. Matching wallet chains to bracelets and necklaces provides even more accessory opportunities.

Front and Back Earrings

Double-sided earrings have embellishment in the front and back for three-dimensional designs. Fine chain has been seen dangling from both sides and connecting the front to the back via loops on the earnut. This linked design is especially handy because you'll never lose your earnuts since they're directly attached to the earring! Other popular styles include kitschy cute polymer clay or shrinkable plastic creatures and spikes on stud findings.

Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends

Personality Pendants

Jewelry is an extension of the individual, so personalized designs are always fun to make and sell. Take a locket, watch body or other suitable mount and fill with resin or Lisa Pavelka's Signature Series Magic-Glos®. Leave the base as is or throw in a background with craft paper or Kato Polyclay™ liquid and then add fun, different-themed charms in varying layers of resin. Basically, add anything that fits! Even whole polymer clay creations such as Christi Friesen's steampunk fish are ready to be thrown in the mix. Matching pendants are great as friendship necklaces for younger crowds or bought singly to express custom interests at any age.

Example themes to get you inspired:
  • The '70s with peace symbols and pastel beads
  • Celestial or fantasy with moons, stars, dragonflies and fairies
  • Religious with crosses, angels and hearts
  • Alphabet letters spell out fun words like "LUCK" paired with a 4-leaf clover
  • Single birth month gemstone
  • Destinations like Paris, France (think Eiffel Tower)
Don't Miss These 5 Jewelry Trends
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