Pavé Jewelry

Design Idea E54X Ring
by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Definition: Pavé Setting - The method of setting gemstones very close together so that very little metal shows between them. If you guessed the word "pave" is from the French for paved as in pavement, you'd be correct. The pavé setting has also been likened to a cobblestone road as in a continuous surface of gemstones.

Pavé is often used by jewelry makers in rings, earrings, pendants and brooches, plus other creative applications. Pavé settings are especially popular for diamond engagement rings.

One look at the wash of brilliance from pavé earrings and you get a clear indication of high-end jewelry--in fact, some jewelry retailers use it in their company name to indicate high-end. As we'll see, it doesn't necessarily mean high-cost--the pavé look can also be created from other materials such as seed beads (see Resources at end of article).

BeCharmed pavé beads

Pavé beads bring together two popular design elements--large-hole beads and the famous Crystal Passions® sparkle. Xilion-cut chatons are pavé set on a collectible large-hole charm bead, ideal for instant Add A Bead creations. An exciting design element for high-end designs, BeCharmed pavé beads work great with Dione™ Easy-On Chain, caprice chain, cord and leather and feature a 4.5mm inside diameter with stainless steel grommets for long-lasting, interchangeable style.

Pavé Beads

Crystal Passions® pavé ball beads

These pavé round beads have the renowned Crystal Passions® quality and sparkle. Available in gorgeous colors including sapphire, jonquil, tanzanite, amethyst and more.

Crystal Passions® Crystal and Epoxy Pavé Ball Beads

Egyptian glass and crystal rhinestone beads

Egyptian glass and Egyptian crystal rhinestones are applied by hand in a pavé striped design for eye-catching high-quality beads with extreme sparkle. Featuring a lightweight resin core, the beads are created in a multi-step process: first, each bead is pressed then covered in two-part epoxy. Next, the rhinestones are hand-applied and the beads are set aside to dry.

Egyptian Glass Rhinestone Beads

Dione® beads

Dione® pavé-style large-hole beads use faceted Czech glass rhinestone chatons hand-set in epoxy with an imitation rhodium-plated brass grommet. Beads feature spiral and flower designs, sliding easily onto Dione® Easy-On chain, caprice chain or other cord for personalized style. These beads go hand-in-hand with popular Shamballa-style jewelry.

Dione Pavé Beads

Create Compliments Jewelry®

This collection of luxurious jewelry offers many choices of pavé-style finished jewelry.

Item number H20-1666JC is a stylish pendant features pavé-style sterling silver and colorful sparkling Preciosa glass rhinestones. Ready-to-wear--just string on chain, cord or necklace wires.

Item Number H20-1666JC Preciosa Glass Rhinestone Pendant

Pavé-style sterling silver earrings feature teardrop dangles embellished with crystals.

Item Number H20-1423JC Earrings

Not to be outdone, this pavé-style of cubic zirconia and rhodium-plated sterling silver makes a stunning presentation.

Item Number H20-2267JC Ring
Everyday Jewelry™

This line of wearable, chic jewelry includes many pavé-style designs.

Item number H20-7565JD is a ready-to-wear bracelet with center embellishment featuring pavé glass rhinestones.

Item Number H20-7565JD Blackstone and Glass Rhinestone Bracelet

A ring featuring Egyptian glass rhinestone accents is quite an eye-catcher.

Item Number H20-8862JD Ring
Create your own pavé-style pendant

Lisa Pavelka shows, in this how-to video, how to create a pavé-style pendant using crystal chatons and Apoxie® Sculpt. Use this technique to create the focal components in the "Duchess and Maharani" jewelry set.

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