Style Snapshot: Asymmetrical Earrings

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by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

"Asymmetrical" and "askew" are the keywords in this earring trend inspired by the single-earring look. Designers Dior and Oscar de la Renta, as well as red-carpet starlets including Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Halle Berry and more, are flaunting the askew earring trend that thrives on non-matched pairings. The trick of it all is to still create a somewhat cohesive look so it doesn't appear you accessorized in the dark.

Earring Assortments Themes

Pick a pair of similar-sized earrings with a consistent theme. Variance is achieved in different embellishments. Often a base metal, color or gemstone is chosen as the base to design around. Another easy way to create a theme is with earring assortments. Multiple earrings sold together are often made from the same materials and feature a motif such as animals, holidays, sports, etc. Pick two different ones like a flower and butterfly, kitty and fish, lock and key, star and moon, snowman and candy cane ... the combinations are endless.

Earring of a Different Color

Your earrings don't have to be super different. Take two of the same design, and just make them different colors for an altered, yet cohesive look. The colors can be analogous (close on the color wheel) or complementary (as opposite as you can get)--it's up to you. Or, simply rearrange the color order of a strung design.
Style Snapshot: Asymmetrical Earrings Style Snapshot: Asymmetrical Earrings Style Snapshot: Asymmetrical Earrings

The Long and Short of It

The materials and colors can be the same for both earrings if you prefer. The difference is found in the length or size. One large pendant added to a stud earring paired with a smaller charm version dangling from a long length of chain is a popular look. Mix up the length of the dangles, since pairing a stud or short drop earring with a shoulder-duster version is trés chic.

Ear Cuffs

Just like the single-earring trend, ear cuffs are often worn solo. If you can't wear just one though, the trend has seen small studs in a complementary color or shape in the opposite ear. If your ear cuff has loops up the side, one simple hoop in the other ear is popular. Do you have lots of pearls on your ear cuff? Add a single pearl stud to the other ear for a match. Are there spikes along your ear cuff? One spike drop on the other side balances the look.

Heart Eartsuds Style Snapshot: Asymmetrical Earrings Pearl Earstud Style Snapshot: Asymmetrical Earrings

The look is yours to make: go girly, extravagant, punk, whimsical, Boho and more. Establish your fashion voice through the asymmetrical earring trend. Say it boldly and wear it proudly.

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