Fall/Winter 2012 Jewelry-Making Trends Fall/Winter 2012 Jewelry-Making Trends
Fall/Winter 2012 Jewelry-Making Trends Design Idea C533 Necklace and Earrings

Sonoran Desert Fall/Winter 2012-13 offers simplicity in complexity's guise, going back to basics in a most leisurely fashion. It's a day scheduled at the spa, touring a streetside gallery with friends or a morning meander among the cacti and the succulents.

Beads and Focals in the Sonoran Desert Color Palette

Sonoran Desert invites you to relax into beautiful blues like Spa and Midnight, as shades of turquoise and green ''opal.'' Then it gently requests you simplify with earthy tones of Clay, Gravel and Sandstone using red jasper, antiqued silver finishes and petrified wood.

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Materials and Components in the Sonoran Desert Trend

Petrified wood and crackled white magnesite balance the cool tones of green "opal" and the warm depth of red jasper. Subtle sparkle comes from brown goldstone and iridescent sunstone. Antiqued and textured metals add a patina of beauty to this casual style.

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The Look

It's the simplicity of rough stone shapes, the artisan's work in metal and a touch of leather and feathers bringing the natural world back to you.

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