Design Idea EA31 Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set
by Leslie Anger, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Stylish Stringing is a jewelry-making concept all about classy jewelry that anyone can make. Each week, a jewelry piece or set is featured in an email with an accompanying article explaining a little about the design. Every piece featured in Stylish Stringing also has complete instructions with a featured tip or technique. And the best part about all of this? All you need are the components and a desire to make jewelry!

Stylish Stringing Page Most Stylish Stringing designs are deceptively easy to make and completely on trend, so you can start making gorgeous jewelry even if you haven't had much experience. The designs require only basic (typically stringing) techniques, and if you don't know one of the steps, there are additional instructions or videos at the bottom of the project to help you learn a new skill. Start on a piece in the morning and then wear it out for a night on the town by that same evening. There is even a men's design or two for the designing man, or to use as gifts and bolster your inventory directed toward the male demographic.

It all began with the Egyptian Queen Y-shaped necklace created by international designer-artist Gulten Dye. Her signature style is inspired by the beads she works with, most typically Swarovski® crystals and gemstones. The look is luxe, but wearable for everyday or any occasion--including weddings. You are encouraged to find what intrigues you about the pieces and then make your own interpretations, whether it's as simple as choosing a different focal component, changing the color scheme or adding a little something extra.

Are You Stylishly Stringing? Are You Stylishly Stringing?

An added benefit of much of Gulten's design work is the interchangeable pieces. For example, the jewelry set Blue Skies includes a single-strand necklace, a three-strand necklace, a bracelet and earrings; that's a lot. The beauty of having so many matching pieces is that customers can choose to wear only a couple pieces at a time and therefore increase the style mileage of a single set by mixing it up. Gulten offers more insight into her designing history and style in this exclusive video Gulten Dye: Style and Education.

After showcasing numerous Stylish Stringing designs of Gulten's, Fire Mountain's own jewelry designers joined the fun, adding even more diversity to the projects. With necklaces, bracelets and whole jewelry sets, the pieces are yours to create. View the gallery of Stylish Stringing projects and be sure to sign up for the weekly email alerting you to new fashionable possibilities.

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Are You Stylishly Stringing?

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