Guardian Angel

Angels Are Forever
by Sharita Wisel

Labor weekend in 1972, I was driving home after dark from Paris, TX. The Highway in Greenville, TX, was under construction and all traffic diverted to the service road. My husband and year old daughter were lying in the seat next to me asleep. I drove through a rough patch in the road, which caused me to run off the road, when I tried to get back on the road, the car flipped and rolled once, landing on all four wheels. My husband hit the windshield, bruising his whole left side. My daughter went through the glass window in the right door. When we found her outside the car, she was crying but only had 3 little tiny scratches. I believe an Angel held her until the car stopped and set her down in between the car and the glass. Many people have had serious injuries, even fatal injuries, when thrown from a vehicle, she did not. No-one will ever convince me that angels do not exist. I know she was held until it was safe. My daughter's name is ''Angela''.

Inspiration for Story: Angela