Style Snapshot: "Contained Gemstone" Necklaces

Style Snapshot: Style Snapshot: "Contained Gemstone" Necklaces
Style Snapshot: "Contained Gemstone" Necklaces

by Barbara van Look, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Haven't you wanted to grab a bunch of gemstones and shove 'em in a pouch, bag or bottle to take home so you can "ooooh" and "ahhhh" over them later?

Do it. The results are gorgeous.

Containerize Your Points

We're seeing it all over, as jewelry lovers celebrate the beauty of natural gemstone forms: the metal or polymer clay pocket of points.

The contrast is part of the attraction: a smooth metal or polymer clay pocket with rough crystal points in popular colors and materials. We've seen them in understated whites-and-silvers as well as high-contrast color opposites like amethyst in jeweler's bronze or metallic polymer clay.

You've got the point.

Style Snapshot: "Contained Gemstone" Necklaces Net Something Smooth

Netting is a popular way to create pendants and ready-to-wear necklaces with an extra-large nugget centerpiece.

Whether it's crocheted wire, micro-macrame hemp cord or knotted silk thread, putting a large gemstone in a net is bringing heavy-duty crystal power to center stage. You can use use related shades or make bold color contrasts--we're seeing both options.

This pendant style is a real gem.

Bottled Up

Tiny bottles (or other clear containers) are being filled with gemstone chips, as well as mini charms, micro beads, rhinestones and chatons, glitter and other itsy-bitsy treasures.

Besides the usual suspects of Swarovski® crystals and Preciosa glass, we've spied beach sand, seashells, scraps of paper and other individual tokens. Some are filled with oils, to let the pieces move, and other containers use clear resins to keep everything in place.

Save time in a bottle.

Holding treasures close to the heart is at the center of this containerizing trend, making it easy to create customized jewelry filled with memories.
Style Snapshot: "Contained Gemstone" Necklaces

Extra-Large Nuggets
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