A Poppy Pairing: Triple-Strand Bracelet Featuring Swarovski Crystal Gemcolors Turquoise and Coral Pearls

A Poppy Pairing: Triple-Strand Bracelet Featuring Swarovski Crystal Gemcolors Turquoise and Coral Pearls A Poppy Pairing

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The poppy pairing of turquoise and coral instantly brighten any fashion wardrobe with a subtle mix of playfulness and sophisticated style. This Southwest-inspired look is attention-getting and pleasing on the eyes, dressing up your favorite denim and everyday style in an extraordinary way. The Navajo and Zuni Native Americans have been making turquoise coral jewelry for nearly 100 years. This popular combination of stones is beautifully complemented by silver-colored jewelry-making components.

Believe it or not, these beads are Swarovski crystal pearl gemcolors designed to emulate the appearance of natural gemstones. At the heart of each Swarovski crystal pearl lies a solid core of Swarovski crystal, which is covered in layers of opaque "nacre" to create the appearance of polished gemstones. Regarded as the most magnificent crystal pearl manufacturer, Swarovski's crystal pearl gemcolors feature a surface that's resistant to cosmetics, chemicals and perfumes.

Swarovski's turquoise crystal pearl is an opaque vivid blue color, also known as "Persian color," which resembles high-quality polished Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Swarovski's crystal coral pearl is a beautiful match to genuine salmon coral. The intense, on-trend color brings a high-fashion, retro look from the 1960s and '70s to jewelry designs. These in combination with Swarovski crystal white opal beads creates a triple fashion threat in this three-strand bracelet design.
Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls - 5810

Round Swarovski Crystal Pearls - 5810

The bracelet strands are cleverly brought together using antique silver-plated white brass cones, featuring fancy circles and swirls for a decorative touch. The antique silver-plated copper fancy rondelle beads offer an economical alternative to popular sterling silver styles and make great spacer beads. The antique silver-plated "pewter" double-sided butterfly beads give the design a vintage feel with an affordable precious-metal look. The silver-plated brass smooth heishi beads add brightness and highlight the beauty of the Swarovski crystal pearl gemcolors beads.

French wire, also known as bullion, is used to protect Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire from abrasion on metal findings. Its tiny wire coil is cut to length and threaded on over the wire for long-lasting wear. The bracelet is professionally-finished using clamp-on style crimp covers to conceal the crimps.

Add this poppy pairing to jewelry lines and your own fashion wardrobe this season. See for yourself the beauty of turquoise and coral together and the realness of Swarovski's crystal pearl gemcolors beads.

Metal Cones

Metal Cones

Round Swarovski Crystal Beads - 5000

Round Swarovski Crystal
Beads - 5000

Antique Metal Beads

Antique Metal Beads

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