Metalsmithing Resources

Metalsmithing and precious metal clay resources for the designer-artist.

If you've ever wanted to learn more about metalsmithing for jewelry makers, we've put together resources to help you out. We've got precious metal clay and metalsmithing tutorials, instructions, and hundreds of jewelry design inspiration.

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Sawing Metal

Don't be intimidated by sawing metal--it's easy with the jeweler's saw. This video tutorial with Tammy shows you how.

Making Ball-Tip Headpins with a Butane Torch

Sandy Lupo shows how to create a ball-tip headpin from sterling silver wire using a butane torch in this video tutorial.

Product Spotlight: Tube Cutter Vise

Join Rose in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Jewelry-Making Studio as she shows off the Tube Cutter Vise/Jig. This handy tool is great for cutting exact lengths of small gauge wire or tubing. Use this professional quality jig to create precise cuts...

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Punch, Roll-Print, Solder Layered Silver-Disk Bracelet

On the last day of my first-ever metalsmithing class, the instructor gave us this challenge: Use the beginner-level skills we'd learned to design and make a piece of jewelry. We'd be surprised, she said, by how far we could go using only very basic...

Sawing Essentials

The saw frame is typically the first purchase made by the aspiring jewelry maker. It is the most important tool to acquire and master because sawing and piercing are basic operations for all metalwork. It is important to practice sawing without a...

All About Metal Sheet

From cold connections to metalsmithing, jewelry makers have been using metal sheet for millennia. \n Different metal types have different strengths, challenges and purposes. Let this article and the convenient chart below help you determine which...

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