Pink and Black Mini Dress

by Lydia Dunbar

The "today" colors of pink and black are used in this unusual Edwardian style pattern. Create an amulet bag by adding a back, strap and fringe. For a necklace that creates smiles, add backing to the design, fringe and a strap. Created by Lydia Dunbar of Beadcoop and Mistress Jewelry.

Panel width, height: 4.46 inches L x 3.38 inches W

134 rows x 66 columns

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Delica Bead Number Bead Quantity Beads in Grams
DB245 Medium Pink A 803 4.02
DB246 Dark Pink B 389 1.95
DB310 Black C 796 3.98
DB353 Dark Cream D 727 3.64
DB356 Lavender E 1707 8.54
Total Colors: 5 Total Beads Needed: 4422 Total Grams: 22.11

Pattern brought to you by Lydia Dunbar.
© Lydia ~ Mistress Jewelry 2004

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