Baby Fox Trot

by Sarah Davis

This youthful fox will prance into your heart when he is stitched with Delica Beads. Add straps and a backing to create an amulet bag. Add backing and a frame for a beaded picture. Created by Sarah Davis of Beadcoop and Sarah's Beading Obsession.

Project name: Baby Fox Trot
Panel width, height: 2.93, 2.85
Weave: Brick
Total colors: 13
Total beads: 2479

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Name Quantity
DB378 74
DB753 329
DB362 49
DB351 132
DB301 189
DB10 9
DB859 38
DB877 1302
DB862 20
DB864 290
DB772 3
DB0275 17
DB797 27

Pattern brought to you by Sarah Davis.
Copyright 2004 Sarah Davis

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