Kwanzaa Mask

by Ty Wolfe Designs - Teresa Brasaemle

Colorful mask with intense colors. Color chart, graph and word charts are included.

Project name: Kwanzaa Mask
Panel width, height: 3.00, 4.00
Weave: Peyote
Total colors: 10
Total beads: 3600


Example of Word Chart and how it reads:
Row 1: (34) DB0310V
Combined will be 68 beads
Row 2: (34) DB0310V
Row 3: (5) DB0310V, (3) DB0312V and so on for the row and the pattern.

Break down of what this all means is this:
(34) is the amount of beads used for the color of DB0310V matte black

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Name Quantity
DB200 1521
DB310 921
DB651 169
DB653 14
DB659 93
DB751 70
DB754 237
DB755 192
DB756 175
DB757 208

Pattern brought to you by Ty Wolfe Designs - Teresa Brasaemle.
Copyright 2004 Ty Wolfe Designs

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