Grey Wolf Barrette

by Ty Wolfe Designs - Teresa Brasaemle

Magnificent wolf eyes to bead. Shape your final beadwork by using a small peanut butter jar and floor wax before stitching to leather.

Project name: Grey Wolf Barrette
Panel width, height: 3.00, 1.47
Weave: Peyote
Total colors: 11
Total beads: 1314

Finish off for the Barrette:

I have found using a mason jar or small sized peanut butter jar is great to get a slight curve to the piece for the finish off. Apple 2 coats of Future Floor Wax - the kind for Long Lasting Shine Tough Acrylic Protection.
~ Be sure before starting this process you use some wax paper under the piece.
Then using a piece of deer skin or slightly thicker piece of leather helps keep the strength for the barrette.
~ You can either sew the piece to the leather or use a good glue to attach with.
Then just attach to the barrette finding and you are set to wear the piece.

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Name Quantity
DB200 44
DB241 253
DB242 255
DB301 66
DB306 253
DB307 94
DB321 6
DB652 58
DB657 62
DB731 123
DB761 100

Pattern brought to you by Ty Wolfe Designs - Teresa Brasaemle.
Copyrighted © 2003 Ty Wolfe Designs

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